Posted by: nchanxetsy | 26/06/2009

A Polyvore Wh- Shut yo Mouth!

I admit, I was a bit hesitant when I first heard of Polyvore. A lot of offbeat brides on the Offbeat Bride Tribe (you’ll have to sign up and be approved to partake of the offbeat wedding planning goodness) used it in order to create a “look” for their weddings, instead of struggling with layer after layer of random images in Photoshop. For the longest time, I wasn’t all that impressed with Polyvore, but that was due to being confused about how to clip pictures of clothing onto the site. That changed when I decided to try the site again one day on a whim, and it’s been nothing but inspiration-board making ever since.

I will be using Polyvore here to illustrate outfits I will have made for me, as well as for posts such as must-have lists, as well as creative spaces I’d love to, well, create!

I’ve been using Polyvore intensely to create looks for my thirtieth birthday (and possibly surprise vow renewal) next year in February. I’ve never had a big party since my grade school days, and since 30 is a bit of a milestone, I want to celebrate in style – pink style. I’ve already come up with three looks!

Pretty in Pink for 30

Pretty in Pink for 30 by thelovelymrst featuring Betsey Johnson accessories

N'Donna's 30th Idea 2

N’Donna’s 30th Idea 2 by thelovelymrst on

30th Birthday Bash

30th Birthday Bash by thelovelymrst on

I’ve got a lot of time to figure everything out, but because Polyvore is such a pleasure to use, I’m sure I’ll be able to pass the time. Seriously, I could spend hours on this site now that I’ve figured it out. And if you need to figure out what you wish to purchase on etsy, your wedding theme, or even what clothes you want to take with you on vacation, I’m sure you can spend hours on this site as well.


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