Posted by: nchanxetsy | 27/06/2009

July Alchemy – Wedding Dress

While I can’t really post on my two other alchemy items until they come in (I’m excited for my cupcake cameo, but I’M really excited for my custom messenger bag, which you’ll see soon), I can tell you about my current alchemy listings.  I’m currently looking for a reproduction of this Jasmine di Milo chiffon gown.

680533I found it on Google Image Search by accident.  I fell in love instantly, as I am a sucker for flowy, feminine fabrics.  I wanted someone to make a replica of it (I can’t afford the $1500 price tag, and even if I could, I doubt it’d be available in my roundabout size), so put a listing up on Alchemy.  Because I have such a tiny budget, I was hoping to have someone make as best a replica as they could for $60 USD (yes, yes, I know, but $100 a month only goes so far).  After about a few days, I think I’ve finally found the person who will make this dress.

The lucky lady is Anna Chronisms.

I’ve looked over her portfolio, and I must say, I am very impressed with her work.  I’m even more impressed that she can make the dress with my miniscule budget.  I’m not expecting an exact replica for $60, mind you, but I have a feeling that she will create a brilliant replica.



  1. Since you like long, flowing, girly things – you might like this site – I’ve gotten things from them before, VERY reasonable – I have a sundress that I absolutely LOVE and always get compliments on it.

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