Posted by: nchanxetsy | 27/06/2009

what nchan wants – All things Damask

While playing around Polyvore this morning, I went from a pretty-in-pink confection to classically damask collection:

Go for the Damask

Go for the Damask by thelovelymrst on

I don’t know how the young fashionistas create those beautiful collections. My two-month-old and his craving for milk won’t allow me to create a half-decent collection. Or maybe I’m just too old.

In any case, the beautiful combination of whimsy, black flourishes on a white background inspired my must-have list this week, which I have decided will be posted every Saturday afternoon – if my son allows for it.   I’ve been well acquainted with all things damask.  It’s all the rage on the wedding planning circuit, especially for brides planning a vintage-influenced affair.   Now, here I am considering it for my thirtieth birthday party.  Aye, there’s a rub.

My birthday isn’t until February, but that won’t stop me from looking at damask related items I can have right now.  So I scoured the pages of etsy for items bearing the pretty flourishes that I can use in my every day life.

  1. The FAMOUS CHLOE Vintage Inspired Black and White Damask Full Apron by Boojiboo – I could totally see myself making all the goodies for my party in this elegant apron.  Then again, it’s so pretty, I’d hate to get it dirty.
  2. Joe Dewberry Ginseng – Drawstring Purse, Beach Tote, or Diaper Bag – Chocolate, Turq, and Ivory Damask by TheHappyShihtzu – It may not be in the traditional black and white damask print, but a bag like this would make me feel like a celebutante – poopy diapers and all.
  3. Hand-dyed Burp Cloth with Mud Damask Rock by JacksMom112 – Because even when my son burps and spits up on me, we’ll both still look classy.
  4. Elle Invitations – Set of 20 by tuccipaperco – Even if the majority of my invites go to a bunch of collectible card game playing blokes, I still want every invited person to have a little bit of fabulous in their hands.
  5. Single Damask Wall Decal by Expressingyou – I want this for my home office.  Seriously.

I find it sad that three of my must want items are home/baby related.  I guess that’s how happy a housewife/mother I truly am.  Still, through etsy, as least I’ll a cute housewife and mother.


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