Posted by: nchanxetsy | 28/06/2009

Gunning for a Canon

It’s past midnight here in Canada Land, so I’ll leave you with a babble before I go to sleep.

It occurs to me that I’ll be needing a DSLR down the line, especially if I’m going to be taking pictures of all the nifty items I buy from etsy.  I had the opportunity to purchase one this past month, but turned it down for clothing and school supplies instead (hey, I lost a lot of weight after pregnancy).  I have an 8.0MP Nikon point-and-shoot that I won at a baby shower (with the last two tickets I bought, no less),  and that will do it for now.  But there is something about owning a digital SLR that makes my soul soar, and dreams of becoming a dang good photographer dance in my head.  I would love to have my own photography studio here (after going through the proper training, of course), but that would be somewhere down the line.  Anyway, I think having the camera not only to take pictures of Kelsen, but to take photos of my etsy finds as well as wearing the fruits of my alchemic processes would make for a nifty photography school portfolio.


Canon Rebel XSI

My dream camera is the Canon Rebel of course.  My photographer friend Rachael has one, and she loves it.  Plus there’s something about a camera named “Rebel” that appeals to me.  I’m not saying I’m going to be an instant photographer once I buy that kind of camera, but I do think it will help.  It would also make for a lovely birthday present, but I won’t hold my breath.

To all other bloggers out there – would it be good to have a DSLR for blogging purposes, or is a regular point-and-shoot enough for me?



  1. Totally up to you! A point and shoot with at least 8 MP’s will suit your purposes if you want to go simple, but if you want something that puts out quality pics, and lasts a very long time, then the DSLR will be the way to go. It’s wonderful for all kinds of stuff: macro pics, action pics, and if you’re good with Photoshop, it will give you lots of creative control. Go with simple for now, and save for the bigger fish later.

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