Posted by: nchanxetsy | 29/06/2009

My July Alchemy: Ribbed Cream Maxi Dress

My custom item for the month of July is a Maxi dress made for my husband’s birthday party in August.

This is the dress I used as a basis for the design.

maxidressOnly, I want it in a cream color.  I don’t think I could rock the whole zebra look.

I picked etsy seller Jennafer Grace, as her clothes look awesome and her bid was well within my budget.   After taking my measurements, she suggested this ribbed fabric for the dress.


It reminds me of a sweater I will probably have made in the future, but can it work for a maxi dress?  I think so.  I’m very excited for what will happen now.  She says she’ll have it ready for me in the middle of July.  Gives me plenty of time to figure out accessories.

I find it funny that I am taking so much time to make myself look really nice for my husband, when really, we’ll be together for all of an hour before his friends whisk him away for epic game playing for the rest of the night.


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