Posted by: nchanxetsy | 29/06/2009

Sweet Home Chicago

I know I have several months before I put in the order, but it occurs to me that when I return to Chicago, I’ll be needing a nice outfit for the welcome home party that’s sure to occur.  After all, it has been two years.

Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago by The Lovely Mrs. T featuring Diane von Furstenberg shoes

I have no idea how on earth I will find shoes like those.  I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of late nights on eBay.  But isn’t this outfit fabulous.  I could totally see myself wearing it for the Diamond Dinner here in town as well.  That is, if they even do that here anymore.  While the food is great, and the prizes are stellar, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rowdiness over a cute, young waiter year after year became too much to bear.

I already have someone in mind to make it.  There is still a possibility it’ll be listed in Alchemy, but that reminds to be seen.  This will be the October project, slated to be done by the end of the month, so I can at least have it for the Chicago festivities.


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