Posted by: nchanxetsy | 30/06/2009

My Son is a Future Dungeon Master

I placed an ad in alchemy for a gaming-related onesie for my son, Baby K.  I chose two bids – HappyHobbs and jakeandlucy are the lucky shops, or rather, I’m the lucky person who received bids from them.   I’m really excited for my custom order with jakeandlucy of course.  The lovely lady who runs jakeandlucy has me overly excited for the final product, due to the sketch she sent me earlier today:

Sketch created by Jea of Jake and Lucy

Sketch created by Jea of Jake and Lucy

Baby K’s Onesie will be in royal blue, with white dice/light blue numbers, and the phrase “This is How I Roll” underneath the die in bold lettering.  On the back of the onesie, there will be “Future Dungeon Master” on the back.  Baby K will wear this on my husband’s birthday, and I think he’ll get a real kick out of it.

HappyHobb’s onesie will be simple, with a twenty-sided die on top and “This is How I Roll” on the bottom.  He’ll be wearing that every day, especially when my husband works at our local hobby shop.

I am so excited for both onesies!


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