Posted by: nchanxetsy | 05/07/2009

Violet Threads: Possible Personal Seamstress?

Though there is a Reitmans here in town – and some of the plus size pieces they are a fabulous, and I will still continue to shop there – there aren’t a lot of options for plus size women in this town I live in.  And, being that I live in Canada, online options aren’t as vast as I’d like them to be.  If I lived in the Lower Mainland, this wouldn’t be a problem.  I would go to Old Navy every weekend, because Old Navy actually has some pretty awesome plus size clothes.  But alas, I live in Northern BC, and I’m not skinny.  While I make $100 work for me a month, I’ve also decided to have clothes made for me.  Yes, it’s an expense that people would turn their nose up on or consider a frivolous expense, but after years of wearing muu muus and frocks, I’m tired of the BS and need a bit of a change.


So, after placing an alchemy request for an outfit, I agreed to allow VioletLanice of Violet Threads to create my back-to-work looks.  Bless that girls heart, she applied to do some of my other alchemy requests, and I turned her down.  But not now.  She’s been a seamstress for several years now, and describes her style as “is that of Betsey Johnson, Heatherette (back in the day), Alexander McQueen, New York Couture and Lolita fashions”.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!  I’ve seen some of her work, and it looks fabulous.  I am so excited to be working with her, as she as been an absolute peach!

"Jester" by Violet Threads

"Jester" by Violet Threads

Visit Violet Threads for some hot, funky fashions!


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