Posted by: nchanxetsy | 05/07/2009

what nchan wants: my home office

Because I am so serious about writing, I am trying to get an office together so that I can have an area in my house where I can be productive – that is, as productive as I can be with a beautiful baby boy around.  Right now, I sit in my armchair in the living room, trying my best to post while CBC is bantering on in the background.  So, I’m going to need a space in the house for my blogging/writing/drinkingwhilestressed/other things.

So here is my top picks for things I would love in my home office (I think I’m going to sneak a corner in my son’s nursery…hopefully he will end up in that crib eventually…)

mossopotamia's indoor terrarium

mossopotamia's indoor terrarium

  1. Tree of Knowledge Garden / Terrarium by mossopotamia.  I love terrariums.  A Terrarium was involved in a science experiment I did in grade seven, so I’ve really loved them.  So to see someone offering these ingenius feats of nature is wonderful.  I think this would add a bit of class to my office.
  2. Magnetic Message Board by Chapters by Christine and Funky Magnets – Owl Pals by  Funky Chicken Design.  Reminding yourself of just how bad your memories are in style – nothing wrong about that.
  3. Custom Scrabble Letters Desk Sign by XOHandwork’s .  Just having a desk sign is awesome, but to have one in Scrabble tiles!  Triple Epic Word Score!
  4. Black and white folded paper pencil holder by doubleyouEm.  So see such an elegant strip of paper powerful enough to hold many pens and pencils – well, it does my heart good.
  5. Black Leather Journal by Julie Boyles.  I am a journal connoisseur.  I haven’t had a leather journal yet.  I need one for my collection.

Now, all I need to do is find the right desk, and I’m all good.   Ikea, here I come!


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