Posted by: nchanxetsy | 17/07/2009

Ode to Princess Lasertron

Ever since Megan Hunt posted on the Livejournal Wedding Plans Community about her wedding, completely with bi-coloured crinoline and felt flower bouquet, I have salivated over Princess Lasertron bouquets.  When my husband and I married back in 2007, I had a flower bouquet that while beautiful, was quickly forgotten about.  Now that I get to plan my renewal, the heirloom quality of the bouquets are appealing.  And since I have a son for now, I can enjoy the bouquet all by myself.

Picture Copyright Princess Lasertron

Picture Copyright of Princess Lasertron

I won’t be showing my bouquet here because she hasn’t really pushed them yet (and I don’t want to impose), but it’s really pretty, especially on my budget.  She spends countless hours making felt squares into this beauties here, usually in colour combinations that are candy for the eyes.  I wish I’d have known about her sooner, because if I had, I’d have asked for one of these babies for my wedding in Alaska.

Picture Copyright of Princess Lasertron

Picture Copyright of Princess Lasertron

In the time I have worked with Megan, I must say she is the sweetest person I’ve met.  Her blog is a daily read for me, and from the first email, she has been nothing but kind and understanding.  She’s doing my bouquet, the boys’ bouts, and my grandmother-in-law’s special pin, though I might need to order another one.  I can’t wait to see them.  Either way, she’s been a real peach, and I wish I had half the talent she does.

Picture Copyright of Princess Lasertron

Picture Copyright of Princess Lasertron

No two bouquets are alike, and each one is its own special entity.  Megan works hard on her orders, and she makes her brides, myself included, feel very special.  If you aren’t getting married, fear not, though!  She also makes corsages (wouldn’t that be awesome for prom?), bouts, button stems for both everyday and special events, and even headbands!  She has something for everyone!  So run, don’t walk, to Princess Lasertron’s main site, and her page on etsy.  In the meantime, I will dream about how pretty my bouquet will be, and when it’s done, you’ll see it here!



  1. this is so sweet! thank you very much!

    • It’s nothing at all. Your work is awesome!

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