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Etsy Search: Blank Journal

I love blank notebooks/journals.  For the longest time, I bought tons and tons of of them in  high school and university, and if I could, I’d buy them now.  But I have this laptop, so I just save my writings on this thing now.  Still, I can’t resist a pretty journal, and I found some really good ones on Etsy:


Inverted Orange Tree Journal by Kreativlink

journalblackpitch black book by grimm

journalblueA Winters Journal by immortallonging

journalkoiSmall Koi Journal by littleputbooks

I will not spend impusively, I WILL NOT spend impulsively…

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August Giveaway Preview: Hair Flower

Check out this giveaway item by MorningStarZen:



Aren’t these embellished hair elastics cute?  It sure beats the mundane scrunchies and hair clips of this world.  And one lucky reader in August will win them!  That reader is pretty lucky, and they haven’t even won them yet!

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Etsy Search: Cupcake

I’m planning on having cupcakes for my husband’s birthday next month, as well as for my own cupcake party.  I went searching on Etsy, and found cupcake-related items that made my mouth water:

cupcaketowelCutesey Cupcake Hand Towel by 15piecesofflair

cupcakepinCarrot Cupcake Fella Felt Plushy Pin by applenoggin

cupcakeshopperCupcake Jute Shopper by Beaky

cupcakeapronButtercup Sassy and Chic Apron by SassyChic

pinkcupcakePink Cupcake Whipped Cream Soap by Spa Therapy

All this searching is making me hungry!

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Is Writing a Craft? Or I might start a zine!

I envy each and every seller on etsy, and I’m sure my blog has illustrated that in the two weeks it’s been live.

Each person who sells on etsy has a craft that can make people happy and satisfy their needs.  The fact that they are compensated for it doesn’t even matter (well, I’d like to think that it doesn’t matter, but in an economy such as this one, you never know…).  What matters more is that they get to do something they love and just happen to be handsomely rewarded for it.  Etsy treats their sellers with the utmost respect and care, and in the few weeks I’ve been buying items there, I’ve been extremely satisfied.  Never have I met such a customer-service friendly bunch.  And any person who is able to quit their day job and focus on their craft is truly blessed indeed.

Did I mention how envious I am?

I would love nothing more than to sell my wares on etsy and bust my arse getting the word out (I have this blog here, so I am well on my way), but alas, I am not blessed with the gift of craft.  Yes,  I know there are some people out there who learn soapmaking and jewellery-making just to make cash, but I’m not like that.  Besides, I’d like to leave that to the folks who already rock it.  But I think selling on Etsy would be a wonderful experience, but it would take a lot of hardwork.  So, while I was up in the middle of the night, changing my baby boy, it came to me.

I could make a zine and sell it on Etsy, if I desired it.

Let me explain.  I’ve been writing stories and essays since I could pick up a pen.  My mom and I created our own stories and workbooks because she couldn’t always afford the workbooks offered by my first-grade teacher (apparently, they were much better because I was always on the Honour Roll).  Since then, I have notebooks and journals littered with half-done stories, finished stories, and other musings.  I even take part in National Novel Writing Month in November (you should too!)  If there is any craft I have taken care to improve over the years, it’s my writing.  People say I’m a great writer, but I’m far too critical of myself to believe them.

So, it came to pass that I thought that if I were to truly sell on Etsy, I would sell a quarterly zine with stories, series, and other musings.  Or, I’d even have a printed/PDF edition of this nifty blog.  I would look for sellers that I like, ask for assistance with writing articles, and have themes every quarter.  It would be hard work, but I’m sure I could do it.  And if anything, it would give me an excuse to hunt down a design suite because seriously, I miss tinkering around with photoshop.

I wouldn’t start anything until later this year or next year.  I would use this blog to reach out to people who’d want to help me, and the PDF file wouldn’t cost very much.  I’m still mulling over it, though.  My son is first and foremost in my life, and I don’t want to leave him behind.  Still, the thought of sharing my craft with others makes me happy.

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August Giveaway Preview: Yum, Cupcakes!

I just got this in my inbox today. It’s one of the nifty items up for the very first giveaway in August.

Yum!  Cupcakes

I commissioned notecards from modernSCRAPYARD, and these are the final result.  Aren’t they cute?  And at the beginning of August, one lucky reader will win them!

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Coming Soon…

More etsy seller profiles – and monthly giveaways! I’ve got a lot of cool items lined up to give away at the beginning of August! The creators of these items will be featured here on this blog before the giveaway. Then, five lucky readers will win one of five awesome sets.

Hopefully I will have plenty of readers by then. I want to share the etsy love with everyone!

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Violet Threads: Possible Personal Seamstress?

Though there is a Reitmans here in town – and some of the plus size pieces they are a fabulous, and I will still continue to shop there – there aren’t a lot of options for plus size women in this town I live in.  And, being that I live in Canada, online options aren’t as vast as I’d like them to be.  If I lived in the Lower Mainland, this wouldn’t be a problem.  I would go to Old Navy every weekend, because Old Navy actually has some pretty awesome plus size clothes.  But alas, I live in Northern BC, and I’m not skinny.  While I make $100 work for me a month, I’ve also decided to have clothes made for me.  Yes, it’s an expense that people would turn their nose up on or consider a frivolous expense, but after years of wearing muu muus and frocks, I’m tired of the BS and need a bit of a change.


So, after placing an alchemy request for an outfit, I agreed to allow VioletLanice of Violet Threads to create my back-to-work looks.  Bless that girls heart, she applied to do some of my other alchemy requests, and I turned her down.  But not now.  She’s been a seamstress for several years now, and describes her style as “is that of Betsey Johnson, Heatherette (back in the day), Alexander McQueen, New York Couture and Lolita fashions”.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!  I’ve seen some of her work, and it looks fabulous.  I am so excited to be working with her, as she as been an absolute peach!

"Jester" by Violet Threads

"Jester" by Violet Threads

Visit Violet Threads for some hot, funky fashions!

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what nchan wants: my home office

Because I am so serious about writing, I am trying to get an office together so that I can have an area in my house where I can be productive – that is, as productive as I can be with a beautiful baby boy around.  Right now, I sit in my armchair in the living room, trying my best to post while CBC is bantering on in the background.  So, I’m going to need a space in the house for my blogging/writing/drinkingwhilestressed/other things.

So here is my top picks for things I would love in my home office (I think I’m going to sneak a corner in my son’s nursery…hopefully he will end up in that crib eventually…)

mossopotamia's indoor terrarium

mossopotamia's indoor terrarium

  1. Tree of Knowledge Garden / Terrarium by mossopotamia.  I love terrariums.  A Terrarium was involved in a science experiment I did in grade seven, so I’ve really loved them.  So to see someone offering these ingenius feats of nature is wonderful.  I think this would add a bit of class to my office.
  2. Magnetic Message Board by Chapters by Christine and Funky Magnets – Owl Pals by  Funky Chicken Design.  Reminding yourself of just how bad your memories are in style – nothing wrong about that.
  3. Custom Scrabble Letters Desk Sign by XOHandwork’s .  Just having a desk sign is awesome, but to have one in Scrabble tiles!  Triple Epic Word Score!
  4. Black and white folded paper pencil holder by doubleyouEm.  So see such an elegant strip of paper powerful enough to hold many pens and pencils – well, it does my heart good.
  5. Black Leather Journal by Julie Boyles.  I am a journal connoisseur.  I haven’t had a leather journal yet.  I need one for my collection.

Now, all I need to do is find the right desk, and I’m all good.   Ikea, here I come!

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Lil’ Miss Cupcake

I am planning my 30th birthday celebration – a pink, frilly vintage affair.  I already have an outfit.



I’m sure there will be a petticoat somewhere.  And a Princess Lasertron corsage!

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Impulses Bad; Purse Good!

I am very careful with my money.  I plan my purchases and go from there.  But on those days when I don’t have Baby K, I will be in need of a purse.  And this little number, somehow, came into my line of sight changed all that.


Tell me, how was I supposed to resist this purse by bayanhippo?  TELL ME HOW?!

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